MARCH 2016

We provided a four week training programme for the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore which was greatly acknowledged by Sng Siok Yen Melissa.

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MAY 2015

‘Recently I spent some time with Jo Cooke and Amanda Peet as I am on a scholarship from Australia to research housing issues in the UK. Jo & Amanda are to be congratulated on their dedication and compassion to assist and support people with hoarding disorders. Using their client centred approach to declutter peoples lives is bringing about positive results to a very complex issue. I have gained an improved awareness and positive understanding of hoarding issues to be able to work alongside my clients as they gain control of their lives.’ Julie Mckie, Senior Tenancy Support Worker. Anglicarewa, Western Australia

MARCH 2015

“I managed to get my flat into a bit of a state and the thought of where to start tidying, decluttering and clearing up was too much to think about and I didn’t really know where to start.  I was too embarrassed to let anyone in, and quite often ignored the door bell.  My housing association however mentioned that I could get some help to get back on track.

I was nervous at first about letting Amanda and Jo in and did cancel them a few times.  I thought they were going to turn up in a van, wave bin bags at me and tell me the way things should be.    They assured me that they were very discreet, would not judge me or tell me off but would help me get things back on track, show me some useful household tips and help put a routine back in place so that things wouldn’t slip back again.

I am so grateful to Jo and Amanda, and my housing association too.  I can cope with the flat much better now and know not to try and do a big tidy up every now and again – best to do it little and often and to tidy up regularly.  I have now let the workmen in to do the necessary repairs and upgrades and my flat doesn’t any longer feel like somewhere to sleep – it feels like my home again.”



“I was impressed with the holistic approach adopted by Jo and Amanda from Hoarding Disorders UK. who carried out their roles in a very professional manner. They took into account not only the person who hoards but the impact this behaviour has upon the family as a whole, and as such their plan of work incorporated  each family member.  They managed to get ‘alongside’ family members so that whilst working, primarily with the person who hoards, the children of the family could learn strategies about how to take some kind of control within otherwise overwhelming living circumstances”.  Annie Moore, Social Worker, Disabled Children’s Team, West Berkshire.



With your help I was able to regain a little control over my house, to see that it was a problem, but one with a solution, I was happy to sleep in my own bed & in my bedroom, to start to feel some inner peace in my home, to look forward to do more, above all you helped me to look at this situation objectively. I will never be able to repay you (Jo) & Amanda all the help & support you gave me.


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  1. I recently visited a level 4 hoarder within my line of work who would not accept help of any kind. I had no training in dealing with the disorder, so I had a strong feeling I could take a better approach, I just didn’t know where I was going wrong. I turned to hoarding disorders UK for help and they were brilliant. They sent me lots of useful reading and I talked through the case with Jo Cooke. She gave me lots of tips that meant the next visit with the hoarder was completely different. The hoarder responded much more positively and they agreed to let me refer them on to other agencies that could help, just by using different language whilst I was there. I wish there were more charities like Hoarding Disorders UK, as there is no one near my area who people with the disorder can turn to for effective help. They are invaluable.

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